• 1 Gammon Joint (with or without skin)
  • 400ml Dry Cider or Apple Juice
  • 400ml Water
  • 1 tbsp Dry mustard powder (wet Dijon is fine just double quantity)
  • 2 tbsp Runny honey

Cook time 45 mins per Kg

Temp 180ºC then 210ºC


  • Place gammon in a large saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring contents to the boil and remove gammon immediately. This step is to remove any excess salt from the gammon.
  • Place gammon in a high sided oven dish and add the cider and water. Cover well and place in preheated oven 180ºC. (2.5kg gammon (2.5 x 45min = 112 mins))
  • Remove from oven and discard the liquid. Carefully remove any skin if present trying not to remove any fat, this can be done with the back of a spoon or a sharp knife.
  • Once completed on top of the gammon score diagonal lines approx. 2 cm apart and then do the same in the other direction forming small square/diamond shapes.
  • Increase the oven temp to 210ºC. Mix the honey and mustard together and glaze the top of the gammon. Put back in the oven for 20* mins or until the gammon has a sticky dark golden appearance
  • *Optional: Glaze again half-way through with the liquid in the pan.

Serve hot or cold. Will last at least 10 days in fridge after cooking.

Bon appétit

Why not experiment with different liquids and or glazes.