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Our bacon is made in the traditional way, by this we mean that there is no added water, in fact the curing process pulls moisture out of the meat. Modern curing methods involve pumping the pork full of salty water, you see most of this when you put your bacon in the frying pan and you notice the liquid that comes out of it, liquid that you´ve paid for.


Our back bacon is packaged in 250g packs this equates to about 5 slices, but could vary as not all pigs are built equal. Minimum pack weight is 225g. if you prefer thicker or thinner slices, please tell via our contact page. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated and helps us to shape our business for the future.

Traditional dry cure back BACON

We use short cut loins of specially selected Duroc pork, de-rind & cure them the old fashioned way, in salt, for 12 days, before allowing to dry for a further 3 days and then slicing. We do this to ensure your rasher of bacon is going to be as close to perfect as possible. 

€3.95 – 250g

Sweetcured back bacon

Produced in the same way as the traditional bacon but with the addition of our own special blend of sugars, giving it a sweet but salty taste.

€3.95 – 250g

Smoked Dry Cured Back

The flavour of beechwood smoke penetrates here to give a lightly smoked, perfectly balanced rasher.

€3.95 – 250g


The same flavour as the smoked back bacon. Perfect for burgers, salads & basically anything that needs bacon 
(rind on). 
€3.75 – 250g

Cooking instructions

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Bangers and Mash

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