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About Henry Hoggs

and our super sausages

Henry Hoggs will be delivering Great British sausages across Madrid – local fresh ingredients made with the traditional techniques and recipes of a skilled English butcher. Delivered to your door in time for bangers and mash, a BBQ on the balcony or that perfect English breakfast.


Firstly, we´re sorry for being mysterious!  It´s not very easy to pronounce in Spanish either, oops!  But we are very sure of who we are and there was never any other choice of name for us.  Dyed in the wool Britanicos will instantly associate Henry Hoggs with all things pig (we hope!) However, here is the real reason we trade as Henry Hoggs – Superb Sausages and Beautiful Bacon. Simon and his Dad before him were both traditional butchers, experts in hand-made sausages and they both had Henry as their middle name – after Simon´s paternal grandfather, George Henry Wilkinson.  Henry always goes in the middle – boom.  Hogs are big, juicy male pigs.  Hog-Roasts are famous BBQ´d pigs in the US and the UK and you can also think of rebel pigs on ´hog´ motorbikes.  Growing-up, Simon was always involved with the set-up, running and production of best quality fresh meat businesses – and his ever-so generous best friends (who still form the permanent tasting committee for new sausage recipes) have always affectionately called him “Hoggy.”  So there you have it, the very family, personal and fun origins of our company name.

Meet Simon

Simon is a second-generation skilled butcher (Smithfield College, London) whose passion for sausages, knowledge of all things meat and love for cooking is only equivalent to his joy for his life here in Spain with his family. Having owned a traditional family butchers in Devon for over 40 years, Simon and his father’s reputation for fresh quality and local sausages was excellent. Loyal customers came back time and again from as far away as London, for Wilkinsons´ Sausages. Receiving and acting-on constant customer feedback inspired and motivated Simon to always deliver the best possible product to customers and to go above and beyond when offering a food service. Having been in Spain for more than 5 years now with his wife and daughter, it was that cry for and desire for an authentic british sausage and excellent service that told Simon customers needed him again. A lot of people say they have a passion for food. In the main this refers to the eating of it. Simon´s passion for food comes from the knowledge that he´s prepared something delicious and to such a high standard – that people truly appreciate it and get real enjoyment from it and always want more (Simon does it for others.) Being able to share his passion here in Spain and using the internet to do it is all the motivation needed to bring you Henry Hoggs – Sausages and bacon direct to you door

Meet Nestor

If you want someone from Spain to understand your passion for good, artisan food – go find a Basque, especially when that persons´ family have owned pig farms are involved with Matanza. Nestor is the father of 2 young boys whose immediate reaction to fresh British pork sausages was to set-up a sausage company with Simon. When Nestor took English lessons from Simon, he got a lot more than he bargained for. “Everyone needs to try these.” Nestor´s background in project management makes him the perfect navigator of this culinary odyssey (and chief sausage tester!) Nestor connects Henry Hoggs to Spain ensuring the synergy of traditional English butchery and Spanish culture. Henry Hoggs sausages are an amazing food, especially with a cold caña.


Bangers and Mash

Ingredients• 1/2 tbsp oil• 8 sausages of choice (savoury flavours work best)• 2 large onions , halved and finely sliced• 3 garlic cloves , minced• 3 tbsp flour, plain• 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce• Salt and pepper

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Cooking instructions

How to cook sausages Method-    Frying Remove from refrigeration 15 minutes before use and discard outer packaging Put 1 tbsp oil into a heavy frying

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