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Bangers and Mash

• 1/2 tbsp oil
• 8 sausages of choice (savoury flavours work best)
• 2 large onions , halved and finely sliced
• 3 garlic cloves , minced
• 3 tbsp flour, plain
• 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
• Salt and pepper to taste
• 3 cups beef stock/broth (vegetable stock will work for a lighter gravy)

Heat oil in a large skillet / fry pan over medium high heat. Add sausages and cook, turning, until browned as much as possible all over and cooked through. Cook time will differ depending on sausage size – mine take around 12 minutes.
Remove sausages onto a plate. Turn heat down to medium.

You need around 2 tbsp oil left in the skillet. If you have much less, add a bit of butter or oil.

Add onion and garlic, cook until golden brown – around 8 minutes.

Add flour and mix through.

Add about 3/4 cup of beef broth and mix into the onion so it becomes a sludge. Then add remaining beef broth and mix until combined.

Simmer, stirring, until the gravy thickens but is slightly thinner than you want – it will thicken more as you serve it. Season with salt and pepper.

Add sausages to the gravy and allow to simmer for a few minutes

Serve sausages with plenty of gravy, with mashed potato and peas on the side.

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